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We make ‘difficult’, simple, while you lead and the rest follow

As a specialized fulfillment solution based in Toronto, Canada, we are dedicated to supporting the ever-changing needs of Direct-to-Consumer startup brands.

From warehousing, pick & packing to returns processing, we also provide regular detailed reports, optimization reviews to improve profitability, and access to our network of industry contacts.

How we can help launch your brand

Pick & Pack

Seamlessly integrate your eCommerce back-end to our logistics software and allow us to fulfill orders on your behalf. It’s shipping made simple.


Gain peace of mind knowing your goods are safe with us. Our warehouse is climate controlled, under high security surveillance and fully insured.

returns processing

Returns and exchanges are often challenging for startups. We can help deliver outstanding service to customers and minimize inventory waste.


Getting your product across international waters safely, can be daunting. Breathe a sigh of relief knowing that with us, there’s no rough sailing with your products.


All roads lead to your customer - and we make sure of it. Move your products in bulk from warehouse to retailer/ wholesaler for a fraction of the price.


Nothing should be lost in translation - or transit. Let us handle all documentation when shipping or receiving across borders.

Help save the world with our Eco-friendly products

Trusted by fast growing Direct-To-Consumer Brands

We are not your typical 3PL Vendor

As Entrepreneurs of Direct-to-Consumer brands, we understand the ever-changing needs of launching and building a startup. At Ship Apollo, we want to support the brands we work with, beyond just providing logistic services, as we believe we have aligned interest in your success.

Ship from Canada to anywhere in the world

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Ship Apollo is a specialized fulfillment solution, designed to support the needs of fast-growing Direct-to-Consumer startups.